Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pictures at an Exhibition

At last, some images have arrived from Outbreak, my solo show at the Smithsonian's Global Health Odyssey Museum at  the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. Outbreak is an educational show, and for this reason alone you won't be reading about it in ArtForum anytime soon. It's didactic. Like my book of the same title, the shows turns on the idea  that epidemics have shaped us. The paintings, though framed and hung, are unapologetically illustrations. They tell stories.

The GHO curator, Louise Shaw, has taken concepts from the book and turned them into questioning super-graphics that provide context. I think it all looks pretty terrific.

Only 30 more days to see Outbreak in Atlanta. If you can't get there, enjoy these pictures.


Pattyg said...

I can't wait to read your upcoming book about Islam. I'll visit your site to see when it's published. Although your books are targeted at Middle Schoolers, I, an adult, find them totally compelling - as do my two almost middle schoolers!

Also, great exhibit in Atlanta! Congrats! We need more of this - educational stuff told well with great pictures. Who says illustrations are second class art?


Emphyrio said...

At last, we have you now!


Great looking exhibit, by the way.