Monday, September 7, 2009

Imagine Cascadia

I've been included at several shows at the Port Angeles Fine Art Center. Jake Seniuk, the director, is a generous, imaginative and innovative curator. His shows include "Disaster!" (works about environmental catastrophe), "The Seed" (paired works showing early artistic promise and current output) and now "Imagine Cascadia" (utopian and dystopian works about the Northwest). My contribution to this current show, which runs through the summer in Port Angeles and then moves to Olympia, is a painting of the seventh day of the Genesis story, published several years ago by Time-Life Books. I painted the image the month I moved to San Juan Island and first experienced the unimaginably clean air, the vivid sunsets, the damp cedar forests, the tiny island deer, the ubiquitous blackberry brambles, the chill waters of the Sound, and the remarkable orcas, pandas of the sea.

It really did seem like Eden.

The Seventh Day

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